Helena Gonçalves

Childhood was fulfilled with games, painting and sewing with Grandmas, her Dad inventions, Moms cooking, and the certainty of freedom. Being the youngest of three, she dedicated herself to arts & crafts with her sister, played ZX Spectrum and built Lego with her brother. Happy times were spent too on a bike, or on foot, always with friends, going to the beach.

Studied and worked in the same city where she graduated in Public Relations & Advertising, and later took a post-graduate degree in Children's Books. For the sake of all beautiful and worthy things, already working as a graphic designer, Helena frequented the Drawing course from Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, as she wanted to learn how to better understand and illustrate the life that fascinates her.

Until now work has been at Abrinício - J. Walter Thompson, EURO RSCG and Brandia Central communication groups. Started at 1993 as Sketcher surrounded by an exciting and enormous array of Ecoline, Letraset and Mecanorma typographical decals, #1 knife and x-actos, and a multitude of amazing papers and cardboards, all of which she continues to worship.

From Sinclair and IBM to Macintosh, in the spring of '94, working with computers was at full speed, long before the internet and cellphones, becoming such an enthusiasm that Helena presently surrounds herself with all available tech machines and any gadgets that enable her to carry out and create whatever task she’s undergoing with joy.

Motherhood has brought to a whole the reawakening of her childhood, now rightfully  filled with a vast amount of marvelous toys, enchanting books and perfect illustrations.

Likes to learn, study, invent and to imagine and wander; above everything, loves sharing good life's knowledge. This place of fantasy and adventure is where she lives and continuously keeps up with her discoveries. Through the love of life and wondrous moments, coupled with her need to share, Helena wishes to show the world smiling.