Draw - Learn, Colour, Decorate

“A thing for me – TO DRAW WITH” is your drawing tool, an artistic solution to draw freely, colour original and fun illustrations, decorate photos and learn how to draw letters, numbers and shapes.

You will find galleries filled with creative designs that help develop the use of colour, the sense of depth and attention to detail.

With a sense of humor, you can free your  imagination by using all the colours available. You will have all these themes available: "Things on the Way", Animals, Plants and Vehicles. Just select one and the illustration will be ready for you to colour as you like.

You may listen to the sound of each Letter, Number and Shape to make it easier for you to recognize each one of them and help you learn.  There is also an animated  suggestion of how to trace each one of them, and it’s up to you, the artist, to draw over in the easiest and best way possible. Then, paint and decorate with your unique style. Learning is easy and fun!

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Text, illustration and animation by Helena Gonçalves.
Development by João Espadinha.

You can draw over:
- cardboard
- rough white paper
- a photo from your device
- a drawing you have saved from the app
- a background created by you!

And you have lots of stamps and colourful stylish stickers to decorate your work with.

To get the most out of your artistic expression, you have several tools with all the different options available:
- Vibrant colours’ palette with dark and light tones
- Pencil
- Crayon
- Brush
- Spray
- Paint Bucket
- Eraser
- Stamps
- Stickers
- Magnifying glass for you to zoom in and out and move around the drawing to access all details
- Undo/ Redo buttons.

Your drawings and work can be saved to your device’s photo album and, from there, shared as you like.

This application has Parental Control enabled.