Keep a Lot

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FENCE, CONQUER AND WIN ALL THE LANDS! A clash of acorns and crush tools all over the classical Dots & Boxes strategy game.

Use saws and excavators to destroy your enemy’s stuff. Plant shrubs and trees to get more acorns to get more power to destroy your enemy’s stuff and keep a lot more lands!

Power up as 'Keep The Squirrel' to master the craft of fence placing. Improve your skills facing the challenging brains of the funny intelligence we named 'Sole The Mole'. Swiftly play through the progressively harder levels and crush your opponent all the way through!

Familiar with this game? That was then. Delightful characters will take you to a whole new level of amazing features:

- Innovative gameplay with strategic tools
- Surprisingly challenging levels
- Outstanding HD graphics and sweet animations
- Adorable and fearless characters
- Seasonal cute stuff to place on your Lots
- Free hints over the initial levels
- 2 Players mode sharing the same device

We keep it simple and really nice:
You get to keep a universal application that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
NO in-app purchases: you keep it all, at once.

Go play and Keep a Lot! You can WIN this game!



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Click here to get it on Amazon for your Smartphone and Tablet.

Author Helena Gonçalves.
Technical Director João Espadinha.